IEYC- Aiming At Strengthening Your Relation With The Almighty

Learning and teaching the scriptures is something more than academic. It includes not just thorough understanding on your part but also you need to respond to the same. It is all about working according to God’s principles. It is a call for the students to put into practice the word of the almighty and not simply overhear the same. It means you have to hear the words and out the same into use as well in your practical life. The same must be reflected in all your works reliably.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Prophecy and its importance in your life

One of the way in which the word of the almighty is expressed in “the Bible” is via prophecies. Pastor Christ Oyakhilome says that he has learned a lot about the importance of the prophecy during his course. He says that alike the importance of the capability of hearing and speaking a language, prophecies too are essential to learn. Those who adhere to listing the prophecy will learn the same and be able to implement in their life. The primary goal of prophecy is all about rendering comfort, encouraging, strengthening, exhorting, edifying, helping and stimulating.

Prayers bring god close to you

Christ Oyakhilome plays an important role in building up the self-confidence of others and promoting their welfare and ensuring harmony in life. This is done in numerous ways but the major one is participation in the International Easter Youth Camp (IEYC). Those joining the camp also enjoy the chance of visiting the Healing School and taking part in all the activities that are performed here.  Again not only spiritual development, your social development too takes place being in association with IEYC. Through your prayers you can keep in constant touch with God and he is also keen to walk, eat and talk to you. He is the one who will guide you along the right path of success when you are undergoing stress and tension. And IEYC aims at bringing you close to god.